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Non-benzodiazepine Tranquilliser and Sleeping Pill Addiction and Withdrawal Support Group

A withdrawal support forum for benzodiazepines and the so called "nonbenzodiazepine" Z drug sleeping pills

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Why our forum was set up

Our forum was set up for the growing number of people learning of the negative impact of long term or regular use of benzodiazepines and related drugs and their negative effect on their body, mind and quality of life. Many of these people are faced with sometimes significant adverse effects from long term usage of benzodiazepines and related drugs most notibly withdrawal effects. Most people to be successful in their desire to free themselves from the grip of benzodiazepine dependence require information, support and reassurance of their recovery. The time required for a full recovery can often be quite prolonged and during this time people will require support and we hope perhaps this forum will offer this.

The aims of Non-Benzodiazepines forum

To help give the support which is required for successful recovery from benzo addiction we set up this forum. We are a friendly, supportive and understanding group of people. We at NON-BENZODIAZEPINES believe that it is important to meet other people who are in the same predicament as yourself and to share advice, knowledge, information and most importantly offer support and encouragement to one another. It is important to note that we are open to anyone who wishes to educate themselves about the destructive effects benzodiazepine addiction and Z drug addiction can have on an individual and their loved ones. We find most people aim to be drug free but accept that some people feel they can't always become totally drug free as some drugs may be required for medical conditions. There is a small number of drugs which may be problematic in withdrawal. There is a page documenting common drugs which may cause problems in withdrawal. This includes a small number of prescription medications and also alcohol usage in recovery. To visit this page please click on this link Problematic drugs in benzodiazepine withdrawal

Who should join Nonbenzodiazepines forum?

Anyone suffering from benzodiazepine or Z Drug addiction directly or indirectly and feel like sharing their experience and who are keen to obtain help and advice should consider joining our forum. The sad fact is this illness is often a medically induced illness with the pharmaceutical industry being largely responsible for the truth being kept from doctor and patient alike with the patient and their family and friends suffering the consequences. So any victim, family member, carer or health care provider is welcome to join our community and to learn about what benzodiazepine or Z drug addiction is all about and hopefully we can help those already addicted to benzo's and also prevent future generations and further people becoming dependent on repeat prescriptions of addictive and destructive drugs such as the benzodiazepines and the Z drugs. Although our support group nonbenzodiazepines is generally aimed at people who are effected by prescription supplied benzodiazepines and Z drugs we are aware that a growing minority of people are obtaining benzo's illegally online or on the street or by visiting multiple doctors and missusing them. We have since our foundation as an organisation always said we would offer support and advice to anyone regardless of how they became hooked on benzo's. We also welcome any volunteers to help out in running the non-benzodiazepines forum. All help is greatly appreciated.

The only people who should not join are those who wish to be desruptive or wish to have a negative impact on our forum community. This includes promoting benzo use e.g. advocating them as 'good' safe and effective harmless drugs. No support group would permit such individuals to promote such views whether it was a support group for quitting smoking, quitting benzo's, quitting pain killers or quitting drinking etc. We are no different than other addiction support groups in that respect. Spamming, aggressive or confrontational behaviour is also not tolerated. We however accept everyone has 'bad hair days' especially when withdrawing from sedative hypnotics so don't be afraid of making mistakes or upsetting anyone by accident.

What we discuss and advise on non-benzodiazepines forum

We exercise a freedom of speech on the forum. There are of course some rules and restrictions however. We don't have any strict doctrine which must be followed. We do however give our opinions and advice and then accept the final decision of the person withdrawing and how they go about that. We do promote a gradual taper at a rate the individual can tolerate, preferably using diazepam. We do believe strongly that a person should be given accurate information and then allowed to proceed with what they judge is best for themselves as individuals. Afterall no one knows their body better than the person withdrawing from tranquillisers or sleeping tablets. We would ask of first time members to read the forum rules which are clearly visible and acccessible when first joining the forum support group.

Withdrawal Symptoms from Benzodiazepines or Z drugs

The list of possible benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome symptoms is too long to list here but some of the most common symptoms are clouded thinking, agorophobia, anxiety, memory problems, anxiety, depression, muscular spasms, depersonalisation and derealisation. These effects can occur also from long term usage of a constant dosage without a reduction in dosage. The reason for these effects are due to changes in cells in the body and brain due to the constant presence of the drug. The medical term for this phenomenom is known as tolerance. Tolerance is the main cause for physical addiction to benzodiazepines or to use the medical term physical dependence. Tolerance is the main cause of adverse effects from long term usage and also withdrawal reactions. For a more comprehensive list of benzo withdrawal symptoms please feel free to visit this link Benzodiazepine withdrawal symptom list

List of benzodiazepine and Z drug names

Below are some common benzodiazepine drug names. There are literally hundreds of different brand names and many more benzodiazepine generic names. For a full comprehensive benzodiazepine list of brand and generic names please visit this page Benzodiazepine brand and generic names table.

Some common tranquillisers tablets and sleeping pills

Alprazolam - Xanax

Chlordiazepoxide - Librium

Clonazepam - Rivotril

Clorazepate - Tranxene

Diazepam - Valium

Flunitrazepam - Rohypnol

Flurazepam - Dalmane

Lorazepam - Ativan

Lormetazepam - Noctamid

Nitrazepam - Mogadon

Oxazepam - Serenid

Temazepam - Restoril

Zopiclone - Zimovane

Zolpidem - Stilnoct

Zopiclone - Zimovane

Eszopiclone - Lunesta

So would you like to join our benzo and Z drug withdrawal support group?

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